About Me

My name is Alistair Poole, a Washington DC resident and alumnus of Michigan State University. I see myself as a multi-purpose, swiss army knife of communication, with skills ranging from technical writing, visual design, web development, research, photography, videography, and grant proposals.

My Story

As a child, it seems that every adult’s favorite question is “what do you want to be when you grow up?” In elementary school, I was very firm that I wanted to be an archaeologist. In middle school, I decided I wanted to be an architect. In high school, I settled on what I thought was my final answer: computer science. I therefore began my college career in the engineering department, studying computer science. However, I came to a realization: While it is true that I have a deep interest and understand in computers, I realized that my competitive advantage lies in my ability to write and communicate.

So I switched my major to the technical writing track of the professional writing program. In the professional writing program, I also worked to develop several other passions of mine: visual design, photography and videography, non-profit communications, and more. I see myself now as a multifaceted communicator, capable of explaining, expressing, and operating through almost any medium or style, whether it is a highly technical explanation of IT system validation in Confluence, a documentary about mental health, a grant proposal, or a website to display my portfolio.