UX Testing for Conecter

Conecter is a startup social media app that has the primary goal of connecting those on college campuses to each other through events. It was created in 2015 by two students at Michigan State University, and they approached my Experience Architecture class to do user testing for them before they launched the app. I and my teammate Rose Deneau decided to test the app with international teaching assistants (TAs), because they are a group on campus that is traditionally not very engaged in campus activities and were probably overlooked as a user group in development of the app.

With our target audience in mind, we interviewed four international TAs. We had our participants walkthrough setting up and using the app, doing our best to interfere with their actions as little as possible, while taking separate notes on their interactions with the system. We compiled these results and wrote down unique issues on sticky notes, which we then used to make an affinity diagram. This information was then synthesized and delivered to the clients through a presentation.

Slide deck for Conecter UX testing clilent presentation

Affinity Diagram