Simple Online Protection

While taking a technical writing class at Michigan State University, my class was approached by Residential Housing Services to put together some technical documentation for a campaign they planned to run to inform incoming freshman about online safety. Different teams tackled different aspects of the problem, with my team attempting to summarizes and simplify the great diversity of online safety tips out there.

The most complicated aspects of this project were considerations of audience. While we had to make any explanations simple enough for someone completely technically illiterate, we also had to make them comprehensive enough and technical enough for more advanced users. This disparity lead us to break the content to three levels for each subject: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I was in charge of research for the intermediate and expert levels of most of the topics, due to my significant prior knowledge on the subject. As a team we produced a fairly comprehensive document for the RHS team to use as a basis for creating other materials for their campaign. This document was not mean to reach the end users, which is why it is not a polished or style-guide compliant document.

You can view a PDF of the document here.